The best life is the examined life

Socrates: Know Thyself

“The unexamined life is not worth living”

Spend an evening with the ancient philosopher Socrates and discuss how we can use his method to examine our own lives. Socrates spent his days walking about the marketplace of Athens urging people to question and examine how they were living. His activities got him into trouble and led to his trial, imprisonment and death. Socrates was the most egalitarian of philosophers and believed that anyone could do philosophy and, in fact, we all had an obligation to use philosophy to examine our own lives. In this workshop, we will get to know Socrates, find out what he did and what he died for, and most importantly, use his method to question ourselves. First, we will discuss Socrates as a potential role model for our own lives, and then we will use his method to examine our own values. Finally, we will discuss how we can cultivate and express our values in our lives. Let’s take two hours from our daily stresses and examine ourselves as Socrates urged us to do.

Space is limited to 10 people.

Below is a free online link to the reading.

Socrates: The Apology


Socrates: The Apology