The best life is the examined life

Private Sessions

As a philosophical practitioner, I use philosophical inquiry, along with art, literature, and poetry, to help you work through the inevitable challenges of being human. This will give you a variety of perspectives to examine your life and will open up new areas of insight, clarity, independence, and creativity. I create an open, yet objective space for you to explore, amend and support your values and beliefs. Through this process you will develop a coherent worldview or “philosophy of life” that can deeply inform, and bring joy to, your life.  

I also work with individuals who have specific needs and goals, such as a career change, an ethical dilemma at work, cultivating professional and personal relationships, dealing with a divorce or break-up, or to just “check-in” with yourself and talk to someone who can look at your particular needs objectively.

As a philosopher, my work is particularly suited to clients who have an interest in exploring life’s problems intellectually.

I’m also available for one-on-one independent study for those who are interested in philosophy in general, or a specific philosopher in particular, but can’t afford, or don’t have the time, to take a university course. We can work together to create a learning plan that suits your needs. 

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