The best life is the examined life

Working with people to examine and improve their lives through philosophy, literature, art and poetry.

Are you living the life you want to live?

We have all asked ourselves this question at some point in our lives. This question typically gets lost in the shuffle of our daily lives and when we try to live up to the expectations that society and others have set for us. It seems easier to follow the path that has been set by others than striking out on your own and discovering who you are and who you want to be. Actually, the opposite is true.

Living up to other people’s expectations typically leads to frustration, anxiety and a sense of failure, particularly when those expectations come into conflict with each other. Yes striking out on one’s own has its own challenges, but having clear goals and matching your passions to your actions can provide you with meaningful experiences, a full life, and a sense of being in tune with yourself, while also giving you a feeling of joy knowing that you are doing what you really want to do. Philosophical Living is designed to help you to do this.

Do you have clear career goals, but not clear life goals?

We have been led to believe that our lives should be measured by our careers. We confront this every time someone asks us “what do you do?” We assume our answer will be used to judge our character, who we really are. By equating our careers with our character we have defined ourselves by our résumés and not by what is really important: meaning, purpose and lived experiences. My workshops and private sessions are designed to help you cut through the surface features of your life and put you in a position to reflect upon who you are and who you want to be. 

Have you checked in with yourself lately?

Let’s be honest. Given the stresses of our everyday lives, we rarely have the time to sit down and reflect on how we are living and whether our lives are consistent with our deeply held values and beliefs. But just as we keep our bodies fit through exercise, we also need to keep our characters fit through philosophical examination. This includes dealing with the common struggles of our lives and also checking in with ourselves to make sure we are living the lives we want to live.  I give you the opportunity to do this.